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Shipping Policy

PASTURE PORK: We currently do not offer shipping on our pork products. However, we do offer delivery per special request.

Delivery requests can only be completed if you have paid the butcher costs, as we do not pay the butcher.

MERCHANDISE: We only ship our merchandise. The rates are included when you checkout. 

Return & Exchange Policy

PASTURE PORK: We require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on ALL pork purchases. If you cancel your pork order we do not offer refunds on the deposit amount. The deposit can however be moved to another available butcher date of your choosing. Once you receive your pork product all SALES ARE FINAL.

Once the pig has been slaughtered and is at the butcher, it is the property of Double T Meats in Eatonville, Wa. Therefore, if you do not pay the butcher costs with them you will not receive your pork product.


MERCHANDISE: All SALES ARE FINAL. We only offer returns or exchanges on faulty or damaged products.

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