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  • How much is your pork?
    Feeder piglet is $200 Half is $675 with a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 Deposit Whole is $ 1250 with a NON-REFUNDABLE $500 Deposit Butcher fees are NOT covered by the price of the pig. Butcher fees are paid directly to Double T Meats in Eatonville, WA. (approx. $150/half - $250/whole) *We offer payment plans!
  • What do they eat?
    A mixture of pasture, Washington grown Alfalfa and molasses grain.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open to answer questions, schedule visits, etc between the hours 10 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday. After those hours I am spending time with my family.
  • What is included in your fees?
    The cost covers everything EXCEPT the butcher fees. That includes feeding and raising the pig for 10 months and the slaughter cost.
  • Do you sell breeders or feeders?
    Breeders when available. Feeders yes!
  • What is your average hanging weight?
    Approximately 231
  • What is the average cut & wrap weight?
    The cut & wrap finished product is approximately 130-170 pounds for a whole and 65-100 for a half.
  • Do you deliver?
    Per special request, just reach out to us!
  • Do you offer farm tours?
    Short answer No. Long answer Yes. I encourage farm visits to come and see how your pigs are raised. With that being said I am a working farm so I don't allow visits to just come pet and see the animals.
  • What is the Price Per Pound?
    Price per pound is calculated based on the pigs hanging weight, same as large retailers. To get the price per pound you take The cost - butcher fees and slaughter fees divide by hanging weight. Example: $1400 - $120 - $300 = $980 $980 / 231 = $4.24 per pound.
  • How much freezer space do you need?
    When calculating freezer space, allow for 1 cubic foot/30-35 lbs of meat.
  • What is the butcher fee?
    We do not cover the butcher fee, that is to paid by you directly to Double T Meats in Eatonville, WA. As of 2023 the butcher fees are approximately: Half $125 Whole $250 That is basic cut, wrap, and smoke. Anything above the basic is extra again to be paid to the butcher. You will pay that when you pick up your cut and wrapped pork. You can also pay over the phone when the butcher calls you to tell you it is ready for pick up.
  • Payment plans?
    We offer payment plans! Once you pay your deposit and put in your reservation we can set you up for payments. Example: You ordered a whole pig, $1250 with a $300 deposit on 03/03/23 for 10/26/23 butcher date. *From order date to 2 weeks prior to butcher date is 7 months. $1250 -$300 =$950 remaining balance divided by 7 months You would make 7 payments of $136
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